Quarterback From The Oakland Raiders Derek Carr Tweeted DC Comics To Play Batman

by Sharna Jahangir
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Wait, a football player? Didn’t you guys beat us up growing up for dressing like Batman?

I’m kidding! Football players make epic heroes, just take a look at Victor Stone: the most adaptive and intelligent hero in the Justice League.

Impressively, the Oakland Raiders have won 3 NFL Championships, so no wonder the guys have to stay in peak physical condition. The current Quarterback, Derek Carr, excitingly expressed his interest to play the next Batman. The sports celebrity even tweeted to DC Comics.

Currently, fans are still in the dark regarding the next line up of DC films. Honestly, they should take it easy and work on character development, because that’s what we’re all craving. Oh, and decent graphics. Please put that $300 million to use…

Ben Affleck may or may not reprise his role in the next DCEU film. And although Carr’s expressive face and fitness may qualify for Batman’s training, a football star playing Batman may not the type of irony we nerds want to see. Win a game, cosplay, then maybe let’s talk.

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