Marlon Wayans Talks About Almost Being Robin

by Eric Lee
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Comedian Marlon Wayans recently discussed how he was cast and then subsequently replaced as Robin with Jimmy Fallon.

On The Tonight Show, Wayans navigated the talk show host through the brief, but complicated story of how he was cast for the role of Robin only to be dropped later on.

“I got the role [of Robin]. I auditioned for Tim Burton. But then in Batman-it was the second Batman, like Batman Forever-there was Catwoman, there was Penguin. There were all these different characters that they were introducing. And so they felt like there wasn’t enough time to put Robin in the movie. So they wanted to do Batman and Robin as the next movie…And then they wound up doing a part three and they recasted it and the new director came on. It was Joel Schumacher. And he wanted Chris O’Donnell and not Marlon Wayans.”

Wayans then went on to talk about his own personal theory for why Robin was recast.

“I know why they did. Because you can’t have a Robin have a bigger codpiece than Batman”

Don’t worry, Marlon! We still loved you in the Scary Movie films. In fact, we will even overlook your mix-up with Batman Forever and Batman Returns. To watch the full interview, click the link here.

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