Matt Reeves Addresses Rumors Of Him Leaving ‘The Batman’

by Chris Foti
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It seems to be a very delicate time for DC Films. Batman v Superman failed to wow audiences like many hoped, Suicide Squad failed to “save” the DCEU, and Justice League was far from the first epic live-action team up DC fans were waiting for.

Earlier this week, YouTuber John Campea said on one of his shows that he claims he found out about something happening with Warner Bros. and DC Films that is “100% true” and that “people would lose their banana minds, and not in a good way.” Campea refused to reveal what the exact news is and that, while it will eventually become public, wasn’t sure the timeline. It could be next week, it could be 8 months from now, but eventually it will come out and fans will not be happy.

Of course, as is protocol on the Internet, people started to freak out and create hypotheses about what this dire news could be. There isn’t much on WB and DC’s slate that is still 100% going to happen. Shazam! is currently filming and Aquaman is in post-production, and that’s it. As we learned at the end of last week, Joss Whedon has left the Batgirl project. The only other projects currently not in front of a camera or in post-production are Wonder Woman 2 and (dramatic pause)…..the Matt Reeves Batman film.

Wonder Woman 2 is pretty much guaranteed to be made at this point. Gal Gadot has proven to be loved by fans in the role and Wonder Woman is by far the best and most successful DC film in the shared universe. But, what of the Batman? Reeves has been pretty quiet as of late, with no news from his or WB’s camps regarding the status of the film. And the drama with Ben Affleck returning or not returning to the role has seemed to all but disappear over the past month.

The radio silence on the project, combined with the ominous news looming over DC Films that Campea claims exists, fans started to speculate maybe Reeves is leaving the Batman project. One person tweeted to Matt Reeves saying “Say it aint so”, to which Reeves replied…

This is only good news, and until we get an official statement saying that Reeves has left the project, then we needn’t worry about rumors or speculation. The last we heard about the solo Batman film is when Reeves said he had a story worked out and was in the middle of outlining it.

Whether Reeves’ Batman film is or isn’t in the continuity of the other DC Films, whether Affleck stars in it or not, if he truly has creative control on the project then he should be given all the time he needs to make the story and the film the way he wants. That’s what happened with Christopher Nolan. We had to wait 4 years between The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises so that the can make the finale of his trilogy the way he wanted. Lets give Reeves the same luxury with his Batman story.

If Warner Bros. is truly going back to its roots by being a director friendly studio, then they shouldn’t rush Reeves into pumping out his Batman film if it isn’t ready. They should trust his vision and creative process. Justice League suffered both from the studio not trusting Snyder’s vision, as well as rushing Whedon to basically remake the movie in a summer, which led to CGI mustached Superman and some obvious tension between Snyder and the studio.

Bottom line is Reeves still seems invested in making his solo Batman movie and until we get an official statement from Warner Bros. about whatever this “terrible news” is, we need not worry.

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