Review: Red Hood And The Outlaws #19

“Date Night!”


Writer: Scott Lobdell 

Artist: Marcio Takara

Colors: Rob Schwager & Felix Serrano

Happy belated Valentine’s Day, Bat-fans! And this year, part of DC’s celebration is an intermediate issue of Red Hood and The Outlaws.

Presenting Artemis and Jason’s “Date Night!” Jason and Kori fans can step aside as new sparks fly, maybe romance is not the right word here. As well as a bromance in progress. The relationship between the Amazonian and the ex-Robin is a powerful, brutish one; I love that they are always at mist of a status competition when it comes to their abilities (basically a long-distance urination contest). Even when it comes to “who cleans up better,” which of course, Artemis wins.  

This is a cliche trope, however, I love how Lobdell adds originality and spins these arcs. For example, Bizarro’s hallucinations with Pup-Pup, giving it a dark tinge, and how Artemis and Jason communicate using writing boards in the Bat-cave. Jason re-visited the cave easily invokes my emotions for the young bird.

The art is outstanding as always. Those who pairs up with Scott Lobdell, we know will be the cream of the crop in talent! Takara renders all characters to be attractive. My only complaint is that Artemis is normally portrayed as gorgeous and buff in past issues; but as soon as she’s placed in more “feminine clothing” she’s suddenly a size 2 model. It just caters along with the “hyper-feminine” and “hyper-masculine” looks in comics which can be toxic to character development.

The colors are vibrant, and the communication is presented with such imagery, it’s easy to imagine the shouts and whispers.


A fun intermediate issue which a touch of darkness. You can’t help but feel irked for Bizzaro. The “first date” is cute, but I appreciated the New 52 romances much better at this time. I feel as if Lobdell hasn’t been able to tap into that “one romantic scene,” and with almost 20 issues in I thought I’d be getting more out of the characters. Plus points to end off though are Artemis and Jason have good banter and have an almost child-like care towards Bizarro. The blush on the cover? Seeing the Bat-boys flustered is probably one of my favorite things.

*Images courtesy of DC Entertainment.

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