Review: Suicide Squad #31

“The Secret History Of Task Force X” Part Five


Writer: Rob Williams

Artists: Barnaby Bagenda & Jay Leisten (Main Story) Wilfredo Torres (Backup Strip) and Adriano Lucas


Alien invaders, the undead, possession, spaceships, heroes, villains, the Phantom Zone… this story has all this and more! Rob Williams’ “Secret History Of Task Force X” is punting buttocks left, right and centre. This book is so much fun to read.

With half the team on the moon with the others chasing King Faraday, the action is spread wide this issue. Amanda Waller’s hunt for one fragment of the Red Wave’s heart, with Harley’s team battling the creature itself is full on. While thrill levels are continuously combustible, writer Rob Williams doesn’t forget to include emotion, humor and heart(s) in the mix.

The whole “Task Force X” storyline has been roller-coaster ride from the off, but never at the expense of the characters involved. DC Comics really have got a stellar writer in Rob, who handles his cast with expert precision, care, and real affection. Captain Boomerang’s lines over the last couple of months have been hilarious, but I’m truly loving the evolution of Harley Quinn.

When the miracle occurs. When I see Rick Flag Jr. when his arms hold me, like in my cell in Belle Reve when I’d look at him sleeping and wonder if I really did love him, I realize something… and it kills me.

I’m a villain.

I’m not worthy of sacrifice.

Powerful stuff.

The Force Is Strong

This entire issue is a treat. Barnaby Bagenda and Jay Leisten’s art in the main story is terrific. From poor Harley’s little face when she runs in yelling “I think I broke the universe!” to Rick Flag Sr.’s reawakening. From Harley’s introspection to the all out fireworks, the entire art team delivers soul and pyrotechnics with equal aplomb. As always Wilfredo Torres’ mini strip adds layers to the main story, and his art style fits King Faraday to a tee.

What can I say about the color art of Adriano Lucas that I haven’t said a dozen times already? His special effects are outstanding without detracting from the storytelling, and his colors really enhance the work of the two art teams. The pallettes he uses in the main story vary totally from those in the backup strip, showcasing his talents and those of the artists. Tremendous work, greatly appreciated.


I have no idea how Mr. Williams and the team are going to finish this story, but I am well, and truly invested. This issue was another in a great run.

Images Courtesy Of DC Entertainment

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