‘Justice League’ Box Office Update: Week 4

Justice League added $9.6 million at the domestic box office this past weekend.

The team-up movie repeated its second place spot with Disney’s Coco in the top spot. Justice League‘s audience attendance dropped to 43%, its lowest yet. In North America, it brought in a total domestic gross of $212 million. The flick’s box office helped push Warner Bro. past the $2 billion mark in domestic sales.

On the international front, the movie made an additional $15.4 million. This puts the foreign box office at $401.3 million with $103 million coming from China alone. The worldwide box office is at $613.4 million.

How Does ‘Justice League’ Compare to Other DCEU Films?

Justice League so far is the lowest grossing DCEU movie. The next lowest grossing film in the group was 2013’s Man of Steel, coming in at $668 million worldwide. Does Justice League  have a chance of getting close to Man of Steel’s box office? It is possible, but that $55 million gap is a pretty wide chasm to bridge.

Justice League is now playing in theaters.


Eric Lee

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