‘Batman Forever’ Gets Honest Trailers Treatment

by Kevin M. Gallagher, Jr
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Earlier today, Ryan Lower did a great job at putting together the entire DKN team’s thought on every Batman related movie that is released to date. It was a lot of fun to be part of, and where our favorite actor to portray Batman surprised me, this new list feels mostly right. Something that surprised me was how low Batman Forever scored, despite neutral commentary.

Screen Junkies reminded us all why it’s not a great film with its most recent Honest Trailers for Batman Forever. For those that have never seen an Honest Trailers video, they are a series of videos produced by Screen Junkies. These parody videos are made to satirize the film, or TV show, the parody trailer is about. And on the week of Justice League’s debut, they’ve covered Batman Forever.

It’s amazing how ’90s this film is. There are few things to take away from this film in 2017—

  1. While Batman Forever went in a much campier direction, Batman himself was still more of a Dark Knight than Adam Wests’ Bright Knight.
  2. At one point, someone thought it was a good idea for Tommy Lee Jones to try and out “Jim Carrey” Jim Carrey.
  3. How DARE people get upset about the turned up “kink” in Batman Returns? Doctor Chase Meridian is straight up CREEPY with Batman.


Batman Forever Gets Honest Trailers Treatment image 1

Nicole Kidman’s character literally says to Batman, “Well, I wish I could say my interest in you was… purely professional.” This leads to dialogue that seems like it was lifted from fanfic and climaxes at the above image. Meridian groped Batman’s rubber chest, bat-nipples and all, and audibly moans. The relationship that could have been between Batman and Catwoman in Batman Returns was believable.

We now live in a post-Schumacher world and get movies like Justice League, in theaters TONIGHT!

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