DC All Access: Interviews with Cast of ‘Batman and Harley Quinn’

by Chris Foti
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A common theme in DC Entertainment nowadays is that Harley Quinn is starting to become more of a hero than a villain.  Starting off as the Joker’s sidekick and lover in 1992’s Batman: The Animated Series, Harley was always Joker’s second in command in his war…um…game with Batman.  Falling madly in love with him as his psychiatrist, Dr. Harleen Quinzel fell into a life of madness and crime to do anything to please her puddin’.

The past few years of DC Comics have been trying to reinvent Harley.  Making her a member of the Suicide Squad both on film and in the comics, we see Harley helping people more than hurting them.  And while she does seem to have a relapse every now and again, it seems like her and the Joker are no longer the “it” couple of Gotham.  For now.

This theme of hero Harley is continuing in DC’s newest animated film Batman and Harley Quinn.  This film sees the original dynamic duo of Batman and Nightwing teaming up with the former psychiatrist to take down Poison Ivy and Floronic Man.  Despite their close relationship and friendship, it seems like even Harley can’t stand by while Poison Ivy tries to destroy mankind to create a new Eden.

Last weekend at San Diego Comic Con, DC All Access was able to speak with some of the stars of the film, including the legendary Kevin Conroy himself.  Take a look:

Man it feels good to see that classic Batmobile from Batman: The Animated Series back in action.  It’s also nice to see the original Harley suit again.

Batman and Harley Quinn will have a limited theatrical release on August 14, is available digitally on August 15, and will be out August 29 for Blu-ray/DVD.

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