Review: Gotham S3E19 “All Will Be Judged”

Up until now (Spoiler!), Lee has been the over-bearing ex-girlfriend in season 3. Sure, Gordon didn’t help better her life, but she lives in Gotham. I’m not sure what she was expecting. Yet, she’s another bad-ass hero from Gotham, added to the list of my Batman-faves. Dr. Leslie Thompkins, in canon, is one of the most amazing characters in the Bat-family (yes, I count her in!) And it helps my heart to know that, yes, Bruce Wayne had Alfred by his side, but to have Lee around as well, it’s good energy around a boy like Bruce.

In this episode, Lee tests the virus that the Court of Owls plans to poison Gotham with. She falls into a frightening psychosis which will unleash hell if the rest of the city is exposed. The Court of Owls plans to use this virus to purge the “evil” from Gotham.

I adore the changes in the backgrounds. Even the lighter parts of the day look grim and desolate in this city. The era that created Batman was during 1939, a time of war, crashing stock markets, darkness. The directing and graphic art captures an era like this.

Penguin and Nygma, the Riddler, are reunited. Robin Taylor has such expressive eyes, you could see the mad love in them. As they walk away from each other at the end of the episode, Penguin looks back. He states that Nygma gave him a purpose to live, and that purpose is to kill him. There’s camp. Nygma straight out hits Penguin on the head to see if he’s real?!

You are difficult to kill. More cockroach than penguin.

I like the subtle jests at campy humor, for example, the lucky guess Bullock makes for the right combination to open a secret door. Also, how many people get caned in this episode? Selina, Bullock, Alfred, Jim, all with very heavy, metal bars and all still very much alive. I chuckled here and there.

Bruce’s life is becoming harder, addition to more trauma. Batman was born from darkness. Gotham is captivating because I don’t believe there has been this much time spent around Bruce Wayne’s adolescence in any other narrative. For someone with a soft spot for Bruce, it’s getting harder to watch his life. I know his darkness will bring light and save Gotham, but as for now, he’s going to suffer. The shaman is preparing him as the “protector” of Gotham, however, he gives off a major negative vibe. He’s a man behind the Court of Owls. Bruce is not in a good place.

Selina reveals that the Bruce Alfred has been watching over is a clone, and this set Alfred in panic. He asks Selina for her help in finding the real Bruce. Selina stubbornly rejects due to old wounds by Bruce’s words, Alfred reiterates them. Saying, she is just like her mother. Honestly, Alfred, that was unkind. These boys don’t need to be so nasty to an orphan girl. No wonder she stays rogue. Batman was never able to save Catwoman, I hope this series doesn’t set us up for a permanent heartbreak with these two.


Each episode brings us closer to the climax, and “All Will Be Judged” is an entertaining episode. I’m expecting an intense face-off, at least a few of them. The art and directing is gifted as always, amazing cast chemistry. I enjoy the banter/conversations between Gordon and Bullock, Selina and Alfred, and Penguin and Nygma. Alfred should be nicer to kids though, even Sean Pertwee brought that up at Toronto Comic Con, speaking how his parenting skills were…a bit challenged. Nonetheless, the characters are all lost and all dealing with trauma; dysfunction comes hand in hand, and I appreciate this narrative of Gotham City’s darkness.

Sharna Jahangir

Lover of all things Batman. A Masters of Information Science student at the U of Toronto. Passionate about defending citizens as much as Batman, a published in A.I. researcher at National Defense. Junior Editor at A graphic artist, avid blogger, scientific analyst, Sharna's not the best at maintaining a secret identity, but more than strong enough to protect her loved ones.