‘Suicide Squad’ Gets 5 Nominations at 59th Annual Grammys

by Chris Foti
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Suicide Squad is one of the more peculiar superhero movies in recent memory.  It was originally supposed to be a fun film between Batman v Superman and Justice League.  It never had high expectations.  Just another chapter in the DCEU to whet our appetites.  Then, when critics bashed Batman v Superman, it was supposed to be the film to course correct.

Then when it was released, it was again panned by critics, but was not without its fans.  Hell, it almost made as much at the box office as the first ever meeting of Batman and Superman on the silver screen.  It also had better legs, with BvS making most of its money in its first two weekends, while Suicide Squad had strong weekends for most of its run.

One of the things Suicide Squad tried to accomplish was to give the DC films a Guardians of the Galaxy type of vibe.  Put together a rag tag group of characters and combine them with a soundtrack full of pop and rock music.

A lot of complaints about the film, myself included, is they tended to jump from song to song to introduce each character that it got to be distracting.  Not to say the songs weren’t great or that they didn’t match the characters they were paired with.  The pacing just felt off or rushed at times.

Well, the people over at the Grammy Awards didn’t think so.  The soundtrack and singles from Suicide Squad scored five nominations.  The film is nominated for Best Compilation Soundtrack in the Visual Media Grammy category.

Two of the songs are nominated in the Best Song Written in the Visual Media category.  Skillrex and Rick Ross’ “Purple Lamborghini” and “Heathens” by Twenty One Pilots.

“Heathens” also has a nomination for Best Rock Performance and Best Rock Song.

Again, while I thought the placement of the songs felt off at times, I have no complaints about the song choices.  Congratulations to Suicide Squad for your Grammy nominations!

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