‘The LEGO Batman Movie’ Play Sets Revealed

by Eric Lee
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The LEGO Batman Movie is coming upon us and LEGO has released images and descriptions of the movie tie-in play sets.

The play sets depict Batman, Robin, and Batgirl fighting against villains that are featured in the movie, like the Joker and Harley Quinn and some who are not in the movie, such as the Penguin and Mister Freeze. The sets range from the Batmobile to the Batcave to Arkham Asylum.

While it is logical for some of the sets and figures to be based on The LEGO Batman Movie designs, there are also some odd choices that LEGO decided to go with. Look at the Penguin and his giant duck transportation, and Man-Bat. They are re-releases of older sets, which is especially weird to see Tim Burton’s version of the Penguin interact with the light-hearted LEGO Batman. Even more curious is the puzzling inclusion of the Kabuki twins-the Penguin’s henchwomen who have only appeared in The Batman cartoon– working with Man-Bat apparently.

Regardless, this does not take away from how amazing these play sets are. Just take a gander at the new Batcave set with the rotating closet of variant Bat-suits. Or revel in awe at Mister Freeze’s giant robot armor, complete with some poor shmuck security guard who is encased in ice. That guy’s face definitely says, “I should have called in sick today”. Check out the gallery below.

Arkham Asylum set
Batcave set
Mr. Freeze

The LEGO Batman Movie will hit theaters February 10, 2017. The play sets are to be released in early 2017.

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