Awesome ‘Suicide Squad’ Blu-ray Exclusives At Best Buy

by Joshua Howell
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Can you believe it? It is November already, and you know what that means; Christmas shopping season has begun. For fans, or those who have friends or family that were big fans of the blockbuster success that was this year’s Suicide Squad, Best Buy has some super cool exclusives to stuff in your stockings. Check them out below!

Exclusive #1


The first exclusive is this awesome 3-disk Blu-ray/DVD Combo pack that also comes with a digital copy of the movie and, best of all, a full length graphic novel! It is unclear as to whether this is a reprint of a pre-existing graphic novel, or something created exclusively for Best Buy, but the photo above does seem to show the notorious Harley Quinn in her movie outfit. Either way, it’s a sweet deal! You can pre-order it now for only $37.99 by clicking here!

Exclusive #2


Best Buy’s next exclusive is this super rad SteelBook edition that comes with a Blu-ray and a 4k Ultra HD Blu-ray, along with a digital copy as well. Now you can enjoy the movie in the ultra crispy 4k format. The action, costume designs, and characters will never be more glorious on your home entertainment system. You can only get this SteelBook at Best buy, so make sure to Pre-Order this beauty for $34.99 right here!

Either of these exclusives will certainly charm the hearts of any Suicide Squad fan. Both will be release on December 13th, 2016.

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