Jared Leto Talks Joker on Good Morning America

With less than a week before Suicide Squad hits theaters, Oscar winner Jared Leto made an appearance on Good Morning America to talk about his take on the Clown Prince of Crime.

Leto said that “to be asked to take the baton and run with it was quite an honor and a responsibility” and that “it was the role of a lifetime, it was the most fun I think I’ve ever had.”  For someone as successful in the film and music industry as Leto has been, it’s great for fans to hear that he had such a great time playing the role.

We’ve had a few variations of live-action Jokers in the past, from Cesar Romero, to Jack Nicholson, and of course Heath Ledger.  Each had their own unique quality to them.  When asked about his interpretation of the Joker, Leto says that “he’s a sick, twisted, but I think very lovable Joker”, a Joker that GMA says you might even find yourself rooting for in the film.

When asked about how Leto came up with his laugh, he says “I remember wondering the streets of New York and in Toronto, where we were shooting, and I would just laugh out loud and see how people would react to it.”  Leto ended up nailing down his Joker’s laugh when “it was the one that really…people would turn around and be like ‘what the hell is that?”

Now that filming has been wrapped up for a while and the film is about to be released, Leto mentions that “I think you don’t really say goodbye (to the character), I think that the Joker is in there somewhere” and that he is “hopeful that we will see more to come.”

With Joker’s favorite joke, Batman, appearing in next year’s Justice League and the Ben Affleck directed solo film, hopefully we’ll be seeing Leto’s Joker return sooner rather than later.


Chris Foti

Lifelong fan of Batman and Boston Sports