‘Justice League’ To Feature New Vehicles and Tactical Costume For Batman

by Joshua Howell
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More Justice League news to report! IGN got the chance to visit the set of the upcoming super-powered team-up film, and was able to attend a press tour given by none other than production designer Patrick Tatopoulos. While on the tour, the press were given a look at some of the upcoming vehicles coming out of the Batcave. Here’s what IGN had to say about them:

One new Bat-vehicle is the Night Crawler (or, simply, the Crawler), a four-legged vehicle designed to travel through tunnels and scale walls. It has a narrow cockpit, which Batman operates almost like a forklift driver, and four spider-like legs that can puncture through concrete allowing him to scale or break through walls. The other new vehicle is the Flying Fox, a giant aircraft that looked larger than a B-52 Stratofortress — Batman can park the Batmobile inside it and it has multiple floors — and serves as a mobile command center for the Justice League.

Tatopoulos apparently elaborated on the vehicles by stating that these were both older crafts built by Wayne Industries for the military, but now Batman and Alfred Pennyworth has upgraded them for present day needs.  As for the actual Batmobile, it will remain the same design as the one in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice with some additional weaponry to combat Parademons.


IGN also mentioned a new tactical costume for the Dark Knight and had this to say about it:

[Batman] tweaks and augments [the suit] into what costume designer Michael Wilkinson referred to as the ‘Tactical’ Batsuit. It’s not the mech armor from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, but it has more armored plating strapped to it in sections and a cowl with gold-tinted goggles that are also somehow tied to the piloting of his vehicles.

Justice League will release on November 17th, 2017.

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