The Court of Owls Make An Impact on Fox’s ‘Gotham’

The Court of Owls had a cameo on Fox’s Gotham. Dark Knight News


While the back end of the second season of Fox’s Gotham, titled “Wrath of the Villains,” has already been packed with Rogues Gallery members, hardcore Batman fans might have noticed a quick cameo in last night’s episode. Spoiler Alert: it appears that Hugo Strange isn’t technically the top dog in the season, but actually answers to none other than the Court of Owls!

Dr. Strange has certainly been busy this season, churning out one villain after another, adding to the show’s growing list of Batman villain origin stories. Up until last night’s episode, it seemed like Hugo was in the business of creating his own army of villains. As it turns out, however, Hugo was commissioned by the Court of Owls to figure out a way to bring people back from the dead; mind, body and soul intact.  Towards the end of the episode, we get a quick glimpse of a woman in an Owl mask, demanding Hugo turn all his attention toward this very task, now that he has successfully raised Fish Mooney from the dead.

For those who require a history lesson, the Court of Owls are a crime organization who have worked in the shadows of Gotham for centuries. The Court of Owls were first hinted at in Scott Snyder’s DC Comics debut, Gates of Gotham. Snyder then elaborated on their story, with the help of artist Greg Capullo, in the first Batman New 52 arc. Since then, the Court of Owls has risen in popularity among fans as one of the most iconic Batman villains.

It is unclear how much of a presence the Court of Owls will have in Gotham’s Season 2 finale, but one can assume they will be prominent in the show’s future. Check out the trailer below for the season finale episode of Gotham, airing Monday, May 23rd on Fox.

Joshua Howell

Joshua Howell

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