Vertigo Roundup: The Dark & Bloody #3

by Eric Joseph
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dark bloody 3

Writer: Shawn Aldridge

Artist: Scott Godlewski

Those who have been following this stellar new series from Vertigo are going to get a swift kick in the ass with this issue. Shawn Aldridge’s grand scheme is starting to come to life and it makes for one gloriously bizarre reading experience.

Showing this book is more than shock and flash, Aldridge picks up shortly after the events of last month’s installment. I like how they show how people in the real world would deal with these events. Sometimes you come across stories in which a person could shoot three people on their property and then everyone goes on their merry way. Not here. The law gets involved and Iris is left with the task of explaining this jazz to the police.

This issue also reveals the connection between Iris and Ayah. Scott Godlewski does a fine job of juggling past and present, as his art switches from dark, atmospheric country scenes to the brightness of a war torn desert. Although it’s nothing like The Sheriff of Babylon, the visuals somewhat reminded me of that book. I’m guessing the guys working on this title won’t mind that comparison.

The war scenes kind of made me feel like I was watching someone play a foul mouthed game of Ghost Recon (I actually mean that as a compliment), only one member of the squad had a moral compass. I won’t spoil anything, but I will say that it is unfortunate that Iris is being punished for the sins of another.

I would have to say this is the strongest issue to date, so I’m looking forward to seeing where this thing goes as it continues to spread its wings. You’ll get that after you see the final page.


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