Review: Catwoman #50

by Eric Joseph
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catwoman 50

Writer: Frank Tieri

Artist: Inaki Miranda

Yet another milestone issue hits stands this week, as a blond Selina Kyle adjusts to rough prison life. Frank Tieri takes us on a wild ride filled with blackmail, bounties, and brouhahas that is brought to life by Inaki Miranda. I do, however, want to give major credit to colorists Eva De La Cruz and Blond for bringing such a robust color palette. At times, it’s a bit muted and, in others, spectacularly vibrant.

Selina capably fights for her life in the clink, having to fend off attacks from inmates and guards alike, due to the fact that Penguin has put a price on her head. This leads to a variety of guest appearances from rogues such as Zsasz, Firefly, Clayface, and Killer Croc. I must say that it never once felt bloated.

Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn also show up briefly in a Gotham City Sirens reunion of sorts to break out Selina. While the scene is pretty damn cool, Harley and Ivy felt a bit underutilized. Sure, this is Catwoman’s book, but when such major players appear, you want to see more of them.

I won’t spoil any of the major reveals, although I will say this was a good read but not entirely riveting. It kind of seemed like one domino conveniently knocked over the other, if you know what I mean.

Supplemental material comes in the form of two backup stories that I actually liked more than the main one. The first delves into the history of Black Mask’s mask – a character that Catwoman certainly has her fair share of history with – and splendidly weaves it into Gotham’s fabric, while also involving some of the city’s most prominent families. The second sees Catwoman break into the Justice League Watchtower and is not without a bit of humor. I can say with honesty that every tale in this book sums up Selina Kyle well in its own way, so I do tip my hat to Tieri.


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