Knightmare Batman Has a Different Name Now

We all saw Batman in a trench coat and goggles beating on soldiers in the middle of the desert when the Batman v Superman trailer came out at Comic Con this last year. Since then, Batman’s variant costume in the desert scenes was referred to as Knightmare Batman, alluding to fans’ assumptions that the whole desert sequence is Batman’s nightmarish hallucination. However, Amazon has released another name for the outfit that can raise some implications.

Knightmare Batman Has a Different Name Now Dark Knight News
Knightmare Batman Action Figure

Amazon posted the Knightmare Batman 6 inch action figure as Future Showdown Batman. What does that mean? Well, we do know that whatever happens in Batman’s nightmare scenario, it also shows Batman fighting in the middle of a swarm of what appear to be Parademons, the army controlled by potential Justice League villain Darkseid.

Knightmare Batman Has a Different Name Now Dark Knight News
Batman and Parademons

As a further tease, there was also a picture of Batman in his trench coat ensemble looking at a giant omega sign burned into the ground, Darkseid’s personal symbol. So can Future Showdown Batman be a subtle clue to an eventual meeting with Darkseid? Will he see the dark god of evil in his nightmare sequence? Is it even truly a nightmare sequence if it predicts the future confrontation of Darkseid? Let the speculation begin about the impact and implications of the alleged nightmare sequence can have on future DC films.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice hits theaters March 25, 2016.

Eric Lee

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