Review Roundup: Wonder Woman #47 & The Flash #47


Another holiday week is upon us and, once again, obligations to families are abound. Much like last week, a select few titles will receive brief reviews rather than be forgotten.

wonder woman 47

Wonder Woman #47 

Writer: Meredith Finch

Artist: Miguel Mendonca

I will first address the elephant in the room by saying that David Finch contributes only cover art to this issue. Interiors for this month are done by Miguel Menonca, who actually does a fine job, but we can all agree that David Finch leaves some big shoes to fill. There’s just one great mystery: why is Wonder Woman wearing her old costume for the entirety of the issue?! I mean, she’s wearing her current one on the cover. It just seems like there was a big miscommunication.

As for the story itself, it sees Cheetah infiltrate Themyscira with the intent of pilfering an ancient artifact that will grant her immortality while rendering Amazons mortal. This done-in-one jungle pursuit features all of the elements that make up a great Wonder Woman story: action, adventure, and displays of great compassion by the titular character. I really feel like the series is on an upswing and this issue is a great jumping on point for new readers.


flash 47

The Flash #47

Writers: Robert Venditti & Van Jensen

Artist: Brett Booth

This is really one to be enjoyed by fans of the TV show, as you can no doubt gather from the cover art. It details the background of Zoom/Eobard Thawne and sees him engage in a spectacular battle with The Flash that is brought to vibrant life by artist extraordinaire Brett Booth. An element that I really enjoyed was learning that Zoom, in fact, slows down time while Barry moves it forward. I’m not sure if that’s been established before as I am not a Flash scholar, but it’s quite cool nevertheless. TV and comic book junkies alike are well advised to give this a read.


Eric Joseph

Eric Joseph

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