Vertigo Roundup: The Twilight Children # 3 and Slash & Burn #2

by Eric Joseph
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twilight 3

The Twilight Children #3

Writer: Gilbert Hernandez

Artist: Darwyn Cooke

This one is recommended for those looking for a comic book with a vibe similar to that of The Twilight Zone, The Outer Limits, or Twin Peaks. The creepy small town motif is complemented by a diverse, multi-dimensional cast of characters. It also certainly helps that Darwyn Cooke, the man responsible for the Batman Beyond intro, provides artwork that’s as strong as ever.


slash and burn 2


Slash & Burn #2

Writer: Si Spencer

Artist: Max Dunbar

This yarn is chock full of sharp dialogue and is just as good as any prime time cop drama, only with better characters. Telling compelling stories set in the past and the present, Slash & Burn demands the attention of stalwart Vertigo fans everywhere.


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