Review: Harley’s Little Black Book #1


Writers: Jimmy Palmiotti, Amanda Conner

Artists: Amanda Conner, John Timms

When a character enjoys a surge in popularity, it’s only natural that publishers put out more titles featuring them. Seeing as how Harley Quinn has been a bit of a golden goose lately, it’s rather wise of DC to feature her in more titles.

The latest endeavor is that of Harley’s Little Black Book, a title that will ship on a bi-monthly basis and see Harley team up with various DC characters. Wonder Woman gets the honor of going first and it makes for a terrific debut.

The long and short of it is this: Harley gets word of an international smuggling ring that’s up to no good in London, which happens to be where Wonder Woman is currently located. What’s funny is that Harley is actually a huge closet Wonder Woman fan, from childhood, in fact. Although it works in the context of the story, I’m not sure it makes much sense given the established timeline. I’m pretty sure Diana publicly emerged as a hero when Harley would’ve been working at Arkham Asylum. It was, however, rather cool to gain more insight into Harley’s childhood.

Something the flagship Harley Quinn book is known for is its interesting cast of supporting characters. Black Book follows suit. We meet the London Legion of Superheroes, whom I didn’t much care for, but there are probably many who will disagree with me. Given how things leave off, I imagine we will eventually see more of them.

The team up with Wonder Woman, which is what we all came to see, is well worth it. As hinted at on the cover, the costume switcheroo does indeed happen. Despite Harley’s attempts to orchestrate their union, the team up happens quite organically when it actually does occur. At least her dream came true.

I’m not sure if this book would have worked as well without the involvement of Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Conner, the same team that brings us the awesome flagship book. Plus, it’s always nice when Conner does interior art. This is a very fun book (as if there would be any doubt), so do pick it up when you have the chance.



Eric Joseph

Eric Joseph

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