Preview: Justice League #44

by Adam Poncharoen​sub
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Writer: Geoff Johns

Penciller: Jason Fabok

ComicVine has the exclusive preview to Justice League #44, the exciting conclusion to the Darkseid War! So far, this series has been pretty interesting. Most Bat-haters have mocked Bats for years by calling him Batgod for years! Johns actually turned him into Batgod. The decision to do so has been met with mixed reception, but it makes sense to me. If given to the option to obtain such knowledge to help end injustice, he would leap at the opportunity. And he did.

Yo, Bats just put Hal in his place! Sick burn! Check out the synopsis and preview below:

Darkseid versus Anti-Monitor! A corrupted Superman versus Lex Luthor! Myrina Black versus Grail! This chapter of “Darkseid War” has it all-plus an ending that will change the League forever!

Expect this issue to hit shelves and digital on Wednesday, September 30th.

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