Concept Art of Wonder Woman and Aquaman for George Miller’s ‘Justice League: Mortal’ Revealed

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With Zack Snyder’s Justice League on the horizon and George Miller’s resurgence in the public consciousness (via Mad Max: Fury Road), one must wonder about WB’s last attempt at a Justice League movie that Miller was attached to direct. Well, even if you weren’t wondering about it, others were. As we reported a few days ago, work has begun on a documentary focused on the crumbling of Justice League: Mortal. At the moment, the project is still in its infancy, as they rev up a crowdfunding campaign to finance the film.

In the meantime, the official Twitter account of the documentary released some very interesting photos yesterday. It looks like they managed to get their hands on some concept art featuring Aquaman and Wonder Woman.

That’s a pretty detailed look at our would-be King of Atlantis and it looks like Miller was going for the more traditional route, at least compared to Zack Snyder’s version. Then again, if you look closely at his legs, you will spy something flowing. Those could easily be part of his pants, but considering the gills on his torso, I’d venture to guess to those are fins of some sort. Making him more fish-like would make a lot of sense.

Unfortunately, the peek at Wonder Woman is much less revealing. She is but a tiny figure in a large action scene. From what I can see, Miller went further back in the comics and put a skirt on her. Also, the colors seem to be very vibrant, a huge contrast to the muted look in Snyder’s version. Aside from the costume, I can at least gather that she can fly and will possess super strength.

However, it is important to note that considering the large of amount of concept art out there, these are likely not the finalized costumes, but probably not very different from the finished product. At the very least, we’re looking at a Justice League that seemed pretty close to its source material and a movie that would have been a tad brighter than Snyder’s.

Do I prefer these looks to Snyder’s? No, I don’t. It would have been awesome to see Miller’s version, but I’m pretty satisfied with what we’re getting. Bear with me as I quote a cliche that seems to apply to this situation: No use crying over spilled milk.

What do you think? Should this have been our Aquaman? Should we have a brighter Wonder Woman? Let me know.

Source – Miller’s JLDoco Twitter (via ScreenRant)

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