Beyond The Bat: Icon Heroes’ The Atom Statue Paperweight

by Eric Joseph
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Our friends at Icon Heroes have just revealed yet another of their handsome paperweights based on a DC TV property. In this article, we can present to you your first look at Brandon Routh’s The Atom, as seen on Arrow and soon to appear on the new series DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. I must say that it looks quite good and is perfect for the collector who doesn’t have deep pockets.

Here are the official details:

Is your paperwork expanding beyond its designated pile? Shrink it back down to secured size with the new Atom statue paperweight! Based on Ray Palmer’s design from the smash-hit television series’ Arrow, The Flash, and the upcoming DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, this highly detailed, expertly painted resin statue paperweight stands 8.8 inches tall and features an incredible likeness of actor Brandon Routh and stands ready to defend your desk! (But probably won’t shrink your workload!) Available 1st Quarter 2016, SRP $50
Stay tuned to for more details.


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