Batman: Arkham Knight Chapter #11 Digital Preview

by AdamPrince
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Images are out now for the digital comic run of Batman: Arkham Knight chapter #11.

BAK11_SF_Coverlores_5542af1f374a56.99703963 BMAK_11_300-007_HD_5542af2e3fdf98.25962304 BMAK_11_300-008_HD_5542af392f9351.97559062 BMAK_11_300-009_HD_5542af484cfb81.37687233 BMAK_11_300-010_HD_5542af562257c9.81287496

As clues to the where abouts of Gotham City’s most mysterious and frightening villain surface, the arrival of the new Batmobiles leads to the deadliest ride Batman will ever take!

I always love reading the tie-in comics that relate to the video games. The chapter is now available for downloading via the DC Comics, or If digital comics are not your thing you can expect to see Batman Arkham Knight #4 to hit stands May 13th.

Source- DC Comics

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