DC Comics Art Reveals Look of ‘Gotham’s’ Dollmaker

by Adam Poncharoen​sub
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If you’re up-to-date on Gotham, then you know the notorious Dollmaker has been hinted at and has been gestating behind the scenes since the second episode of the series. In that episode, we discovered a mysterious person named Dollmaker was kidnapping children. His henchmen were all sorts of creepy, so if we were to take their personalities as any indication of the man himself, then we’re in for a treat.

His name has resurfaced in these past recent episodes with a plot surrounding Fish Mooney, of all people. We’ve discovered that Dr. Dulmacher keeps prisoners in storage, harvests limbs from them, and presumably sells them off. If that wasn’t dark enough, his associate has hinted that there is something even more sinister afoot.

Colm Feore has been cast as Dr. Dulmucher and they did reveal a screenshot of him recently, but DC Comics decided to do some of their own promotion and released some art on how he’s going to look as Dollmaker.


I spy some strange deformities and stitching on his face. Weird, considering that the shot of him revealed earlier this week shows a pretty ordinary man free of scars on his face. We’ll find out later, I suppose. Colm Feore will be making his first appearance as Dr. Dulmacher tomorrow, so catch Gotham on Fox at 8/7C.

Source – Comicbook.com

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