Review for Grayson: Futures End #1

by James O'Donnell
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In an interesting twist this issue’s story unfolds using reverse chronology (think of that Seinfeld Episode “The Betrayal”). Our story begins five years in the future with Dick Grayson swinging from a rope (not in the way you’re probably accustomed to seeing)  and Helena Wayne (Huntress) receiving a a medal for heroism from Russian President KGBeast, who has apparently used the forthcoming war as a means to seize territory under the name Eurasia. Dick seizes the opportunity to take down the throwback Bat-Villian in front of apparently everybody in Russia. This causes predictable problems.


The issue continues to flash back, showing Dick and Helena discovering KGBeast’s war crimes, their relationship and their acts of valor that earn them the aforementioned medal. The flashbacks continue back through Dick’s days as Nightwing (and his relationship with Batgirl), his first days as Robin and finally we are taken to the sabotage at the circus, with the panels focusing on the rope that killed his family.

I’d rate this issue as a 7.5 out of 10, Stephen Mooney’s somber artwork sets the mood for this grim tale of what could possibly be the end of Dick Grayson. The most enjoyable parts were Dick and Helena’s relationship (which gets a somewhat Freudian explanation by Batgirl) and Batman promising the Cowl to Robin “when he’s ready.”

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