News came out over the week that artist Greg Capullo has only sixteen issues left on Batman and then he is finished with his contract with DC Comics. As soon as the New52  relaunch came out writer Scott Snyder and artist Greg Capullo have been giving us great stories and wonderful art. Here is what Greg Capullo tweeted out.



2702730-245681_19795_118811_1_the_creech_out_for_superWith sixteen more issues to go that means we will still have him for Batman for two more years. With what we have seen him do in the past Batman issues to the present I have seen a great deal of improvement.  I’m glad we still have him for sixteen more. Do you think DC Comics will try and work another deal with him or do you think they will get new blood  for Batman? With him saying he might do “The Creech” I think he might be ready to move on again to another challenge. On a side note if he does plan to work on his creator=owned Image title “The Creech” he will have Scott Snyder writing the story.

Source- Greg Capullo  via Tweeter



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