During Dark Knight Rises filming, Tom Hardy as Bane photobombs Wedding

Reddit is a brilliant site, and it has again lived up to its reputation. An awesome photo has surfaced, and if you like Batman you will like this. The photo dates back to 2011 when blockbuster smash hit ‘Dark Knight Rises’ was in production. Tom Hardy who played Bane is seen to be waving at a wedding that was in the area at the time. Tom Hardy was dressed as Bane and gave a massive wave to the wedding folk! At the time the filming was in Pittsburgh.

Bane says "Hi" to the Bridesmaids!
Bane says “Hi” to the Bridesmaids!

It’s really odd how this photo has only surfaced now but when looking at the image you get the view of the bridesmaids and Bane in the foreground giving them attention which I find just hilarious. The next photo is of the bride and groom getting into one the of the tumbler’s that Bane hijacked from Wayne Enterprises. Just epic!

This would be the best wedding ride of all time!
This would be the best wedding ride of all time!

Source: News.com.au 


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