Original Batman 1940’s comics #1 to #10 for Sale: $125,000

by Damian Fasciani
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As an avid Batman merchandise collector, I always try to look for rare pieces, books, busts, statues, action figures, comics. Whatever means something special to me and my collection, and it’s from Batman’s world I will jump all over it. The other night I was on eBay looking for my next piece and came across a very rare collector’s item. Now this item is rare, and you don’t just have to be a hardcore Batman fan to be interested – you will also need very deep pockets!

A set of the first 10 Batman never-before-seen, original 1940’s first Print Collector’s Set #1-10. All of these issues are original prints which have been officially graded as the pictures below suggest.

To top this off, all 10 of the original comics have been signed by the original artist in Jerry Robinson. I am confident in saying we will probably never see a collector’s set like this available in the near further. I certainly have never seen anything like this and to top it off you will need a solid $125,00 to purchase the set. As much as I love Batman, I am going pass on the asking price so you can breath a sign of relief and now bid. You can select the source link below to see the actual eBay listing.

The 10 editions range from 1940-1942

Enjoy the gallery of images


Source: eBay 

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