Has The Identity Of The ‘Arkham Knight’ Been Revealed?

by Eric Joseph
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In the video above, you can see an interview from E3 that 4Player Network conducted with the lead animator at Rocksteady concerning the upcoming game, Batman: Arkham Knight. They touch on the usual hot topics like combat and the Batmobile. The real interesting part comes when they start to talk about characters that are to appear. A little after the four minute mark this is said:

“We’ve got Scarecrow and Nightwing liaising together, trying to take down the Bats.”

Huh? Did he let the identity of the Arkham Knight slip? Did he just mix up their names because they sound somewhat similar? If Nightwing is indeed the main villain, I find that to be disrespectful to the character of Dick Grayson. He’s a beloved hero and was Batman for a few years in the comics for crying out loud!

If it was an erroneous statement, I’m still betting that it’s a member of the Arkham family. He does, after all, have the Arkham logo on his chest and it would be a nifty way to tie up the story arc.

Who do you think the Arkham Knight is? Dick Grayson? An Arkham? An old man who owns an amusement park that is stymied by meddling kids? Let us know.

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