Kevin Smith: Batsuit Based on Dark Knight Returns

Batman’s Batfleck/Batman vs. Superman Batsuit was revealed not too long ago, and was showcased in a monochromatic style that effectively obscured the specific colors of the costume.  Due to this beautiful black-and-white alteration of color, many of us were most likely left stroking our chins with uncertainty, wondering what color Affleck’s suit would be.  Some costume color speculations include, but are not limited to: black and blue, black and grey, black and yellow, and all black (in the vein of Nolan’s Bat-trilogy).

However, Kevin Smith (writer, director, actor, producer) recently spoke with MTV News, and revealed that which he firmly believes to be the color scheme and design of Ben Affleck’s Bat-suit.  Smith said:

All you have to do to see Ben in the costume is turn to the pages of Frank Miller’s seminal “Dark Knight Returns,” where Batman’s beating the s**t out of the Joker in the Tunnel of Love? That’s what the suit looks like.

There’s a lot of people talking about how monochrome it was, saying, “Oh, it is like Christian Bale’s because it’s all one color. That’s not the case. Look, Zack put up a monochrome picture. It’s a black and white photo. I saw a lot of people on the Internet saying, “It’s all one color, what’s the big deal?”

Released in 1986, The Dark Knight Returns was originally released as a four-part comic book miniseries that was subsequently released as a compilation, or rather, as a complete work, which was written by Frank Miller and illustrated by Miller and Klaus Janson.  Basically, Batman has been retired for quite some time, but is compelled to re-don the Batsuit at age 55, despite opposition from Gotham police and the government, and despite the persistence of violent crime.

So, what color was Miller’s Batsuit?  Let’s take a look at the panel from The Dark Knight Returns that Smith referred to:

dark_knight_returns batsuit

Additionally, Kevin Smith said that he fully supports the usage of the Dark Knight Returns Batsuit:

I’m seen some pictures online where people have taken the Batmobile image, and blown it up, gone into the detail. Some people have color corrected it if you will. It is spellbinding. There are some people grousing, but that costume is the smart way to go. Number one, it’s a crowd favorite, a big fan favorite. Anyone who knows “Dark Knight Returns,” and that’s a lot of people at this point thanks for the work being out for years, and also the cartoon movie, that’s the Batman costume we’ve always dreamed about seeing in cinema.

batman-ben-affleck batsuit
Original monochromatic photo
bpCTMuE batsuit
Retouched, edited photo that evokes Miller’s Batsuit

Smith continued:

[I’ve heard] some cats going, “I hear it’s blue,” I’d be all for that, but it’s not. The one I saw looks like in “Dark Knight Returns.” That’s why I hugged Zack Snyder, I was like, “Oh my god, dude, you gave me that suit — I’m gonna see that suit on screen before I die.” I know I live in the First World, so that’s a pretty low goal to have for a lot of people, but for me that was huge. I don’t live very healthy. I never thought I’d see that Batsuit on screen, and now we’ve seen the image of it.

Batman_arkham_city_skin_dark_knight batsuit
Miller’s Batsuit, as seen in the Arkham City video game from 2011

Kevin Smith is most likely a reliable source regarding the Batsuit issue, particularly because he is well-acquainted with Ben Affleck, such that the two have or have had a friendly relationship, and have worked on films together.  Additionally:

And to top it all off, the man who wore the suit? I know him. I’ve seen his balls. I know that guy, it’s crazy.

Moreover, we can assure you that the following photo does not represent the new Batsuit, despite its striking visual qualities:

4-bUSi0Kh not the batsuit
Here, Batman seems to exhibit a massive identity crisis, regarding who he may fight against in the upcoming Batman vs. Superman film.

Who likes The Dark Knight Returns?  Who’s wondering if Batfleck’s utility belt will be yellow?

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