Go Behind The Scenes Of ‘Gotham’

It’s been quite a week of Batman news, hasn’t it? And it’s only Tuesday! In the video above,  the cast and crew of Gotham tell us a bit more about what to expect from the show. We once again get a name-dropping of the Joker and I believe this is the first we’ve heard of the Scarecrow’s eventual appearance. I’m remaining cautiously optimistic, but, hey, it’s Batman! I have to give it a shot.

Gotham airs Mondays at 8pm this fall on Fox.

Eric Joseph

Eric Joseph

After falling into a vat of chemicals, this fellow adopted the name "Eric Joseph." Some say he is a freelance writer, while others say he can be found frequenting conventions and nightspots in the Detroit area. Needless to say, he prefers his background to be multiple choice.