Wii U Version of Arkham Origins Will Cost Less — But What’s The Catch?

Batman and Robbin multiplayer mode.
Batman and Robin multiplayer mode

The Wii U version of Batman: Arkham Origins will be sold for $50, as opposed to the $60 price for all other consoles. However, this is because the Wii U version will not have any online multiplayer features. While it will not have this capability, it will still have the same single-player campaign and other features as the version released for other consoles. It’s not known precisely why that feature was omitted from the Wii U version, but the price does reflect it.

The dropping of the multiplayer mode in the Wii U was noted in a press release by Warner Bros., who explained that “MP will be available for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC. The team is focusing development efforts on platforms with the largest MP audience.” More updates from Warner Bros. are yet to come.

Warning for gamers: on Amazon the price for this Wii U version has already been changed to $50, but at GameStop it’s still listed as $60.

Source: Kotaku