McDonald’s has Beware the Batman Toys for October’s Happy Meal

by Adam Poncharoen​sub

In October, McDonald’s is offering Beware the Batman toys for their Happy Meal. Click the jump the see more.

It’s a time-honored tradition for McDonald’s to keep supplying eager kids with cheap, but cool toys with their Happy Meal. And as kids, it was our duty to barely notice the food and play with our new toy before our parents yelled at us for leaving the chicken mcnuggets to get cold. Those were the good ol’ days. Well, there’s some good news for fast food enthusiasts, toy collectors, and Batfans alike because it looks like McDonald’s is getting some Beware the Batman toys for their Happy Meal, coming this October. Considering it’s over a month away, I can’t really find any information aside from a snapshot of the Beware the Batman collection they’re offering. I wish we’d get some action shots of the toys to show us what they do exactly, but I don’t think McDonald’s really does that, do they?



Based on some of the more traditional toys I’ve had over the years, I can assume that both the motorcycle and Batmobile will probably utilize some pull back technology, the Batman with that inconspicuous grapnel gun will probably spring launch the darn thing with some action button located somewhere on him, and the mask is probably just a mask. I’m actually more curious about the Batman that looks like he’s gliding.

Will you be getting these toys come October? What do you think the gliding Batman does? Let me know.

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