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by Carlos Cabaleiro
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This past weekend, Toronto hosted FanExpo, Canada’s premier comic/media/sci-fi convention. DC held a New 52 panel with John Cunningham (DC Comics Vice President of Marketing), writer Ray Fawkes, artist Jay Fabok and editors Eddie Berganza & Brian Cunningham. Trinity War, Villains Month and Forever Evil were the biggest topics. Of note for Bat-fans:

  • Batman is currently involved in Zero Year, which is the New 52 origin of Batman. Cunningham said this title is going to be immensely long, allowing for a number of other books to tie into the series, including Detective Comics #25, Green Arrow #25, and The Flash #25.
  • Jay Fabok discussed his approach to Batman on Detective Comics with John Layman. “We wanted a book that was fun. We wanted a book that anyone could jump in at any time and pick up the issue and have a self-contained mystery within that issue, but if you were dedicated and kept reading the book, month after month, you would see that there are ties that are going to run through the entire arc into these next couple issues, into the wrap arc, into some stand-alone issues and into the next big thing we’re going to do.”
  • November sees a new Harley Quinn. Speaking on the series, Cunningham said  “I’m very happy with the take that we’re hearing. The best example that I can give is that in the first issue Harley will be trying out artists for the book. We have twenty really amazing artists who will all be doing one-page each as tryouts for her in that book. This is a book that’s going to play with the fourth wall a little bit and really revel in what Harley brings to the table.”
  • Where is the Joker post-Death of the Family and what about his role in Forever Evil that was teased? “In Villains Month, he has his own book,” Cunningham said. “Beyond that, no one up here would say a word under penalty of death. Believe me — we have all been warned.”

No mention was made of why Batman appears on the cover of Forever Evil #1, his role in the series, what the monthlies will look like during the fall, winter and spring (i.e. the timeframe of the Forever Evil event). I know I’m curious how the New 52’s first major cross-over event will look (hoping its not as lackluster as Infinite Crisis, Final Crisis or Flashpoint) and its impact on the world of the Dark Knight.

Source: CBR


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