New 1 vs. 100 and New Game+ Modes, New Gadgets Revealed for Batman: Arkham Origins

Batman: Arkham Origins creative director, Eric Holmes, reveals new game modes as well as a new electric glove gadget. Click the jump to see more.

While the Internet is too busy raging over the casting of Ben Affleck as the new live-action Batman, some new Arkham Origins news was quietly revealed under the screaming wails of anguish over Batfleck. Eric Holmes, the creative director of Batman: Arkham Origins, recently revealed a few cool additions to Arkham Origins that he hadn’t hitherto discussed openly. It looks like we’re getting two new game modes with Arkham Origins.

First off, we have the aptly-named 1 vs. 100 mode, which is a survival mode where the player controls either Batman or Deathstroke to ward off 100 thugs. VG247 got a chance to preview the new game mode and noticed the difference between the two, telling us that Batman is seemingly more agile than Deathstroke. They also note that Deathstroke utilizes his staff, his pistols, and proximity bombs.

Holmes also revealed that the core campaign will have a New Game+ feature. Now, the source doesn’t go into any detail about this feature, so I’m just going to speculate that it’s like an enhanced campaign that is unlocked after you finish the campaign the first time? Don’t take my word for it, I’ve no idea.

VG247 also mentioned a new electric glove gadget that can shock thugs upon contact. While in use, it unlocks new combat moves and Screenshot_6also has the ability to pierce through those pesky shields. It seems that the power wanes with use as they note that you may recharge them by hitting shock stick-wielding enemies to help chain combos. You can actually glimpse the gloves in the new trailer. Polygon, having also previewed a demo of the game at Gamescom 2013, noticed another gadget that doesn’t look dissimilar from the Crytographic Sequencer, but instead of hacking security systems, it can hack and defuse bombs.

Also, Holmes provided some more details regarding the canon of Arkham Origins. Though, we kinda already knew that this was early in his career, approximately 2 years into it, Holmes is confirming that Arkham Origins is set canonically in year two. Also, this game will be feature the first canon meeting of the Joker and Batman.

remoteclawOverall, these new additions seem pretty fun. I’m not incredibly enthusiastic about this news, but it is a bit reassuring to see some more gadgets being added to his arsenal as I wasn’t quite impressed with the Remote Claw. So far, these gadgets seem a little derivative. The electric gloves share a small similarity with the BAT mode in Arkham City Armored Edition and I’m not quite understanding why the function of that new bomb defuser couldn’t just be added to the Cryptographic Sequencer. As far as the new modes go, though those beat-em-up challenge maps were always fun, I can’t imagine trying to fight 100.  I can’t complain too much as I will be getting this game and these seem more so like sprinkles on a wonderfully tasty cake.

What do you think about these new game modes? Are you excited about 1 vs 100 mode? Do the gadgets seem fun to you? Let me know.

Source: VG247, Polygon

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