New 52: Joker’s Recruit

by Luke Wongsuwan
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Word of the appearance of an unexpected Bat-villain has arisen — particularly, a character last seen in Batman, Inc.#5.  September 4, 2013 will bring Batman #23.1: The Joker to shelves, and thus, an appearance by the character Jackanapes is imminent.

 While at a zoo, the Joker will have a flashback to a childhood memory that will trigger his need to take Jackanapes under his wing. It is here that Joker will take on a new, twisted role: that of a mentor. But why is he training Jackanapes to be a villain? What use will he have for him?

Only time will tell what gags he might have up his sleeve… Perhaps the Joker knows.   BM_23-1-Joker_js43a0q4ji_


Additionally, Jackanapes will appear in the upcoming Damian: Son of Batman miniseries.


Source: DC Comics Blog

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