Geoff Johns Teases A Bat-Secret (Spoilers)

by Gilbert Rivera
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In a recent interview with IGN, Geoff Johns revealed the masterminds behind Trinity War and the main antagonists of Forever Evil.

Warning Spoilers for Trinity War below.

Up to this point, readers have assumed that Forever Evil would be about the usual suspects taking control of the world while the heroes flounder to recover from the events of Trinity War. However, writer Geoff Johns has told us that this isn’t the case. In fact, the situation is much, much worse for our heroes.

The fact is that there’s an even higher power, one that will be revealed at the end of Trinity War in Justice League #23 – “The Crime Syndicate will be the ones leading the charge to take the world in Forever Evil.” The Crime Syndicate’s debut in the New 52 calls back to their roots – a team of twisted, evil incarnations of the Justice League that come from the parallel Earth-3.


Courtesy of IGN

Johns went on to explain that the story will feature Lex Luthor taking the charge against the Crime Syndicate.

Interestingly, in the original Crime Syndicate stories from the 1960s, the hero that rose up to stop the villains on Earth-3 was that parallel world’s own version of Lex Luthor. Mirroring that sentiment, Johns has placed Luthor as the main protagonist in Forever Evil, who will be forced to take matters into his own hands and “form his own version of a Justice League to take them down. Who are we rooting for in this scenario? How bad are things if we are forced to rely on Lex Luthor they way he’s always wanted us to?”

In the full interview Johns talked extensively about what his plans are and how he sees the Crime Sydicate, however there are two big things should jump out to Bat-fans.


Cover of Forever Evil #2

First, with Earth-3 Owl-Man coming to the New 52, what does it mean for Lincoln March (Snyder’s homage to that character) and is it something that will even be addressed?

Second, and most importantly, as you can see from the teaser poster and the Cover of Forever Evil #2 Batman has teamed-up with the villains.  This brings up many questions, perhaps Johns put it best:

 “I’ve revealed a lot, but not everything. You can see Batman in this art. What’s that about? Why would Batman follow Luthor? Is that even Bruce Wayne?! There are many more surprises coming up. Because if there’s anything about villains you do know, it’s that they’re unpredictable.”

The speculation has begun, though keen eyed fans have noted that in the art, Batman’s gauntlets resemble those of Nightwing.


If the gauntlet fits…

It has been known for quite some time that Dick Grayson would be hugely affected by the events of Forever Evil, with many assuming he would be killed off, but are the events leading him to a return to “The” Cowl?  At this point it’s anyone’s guess, and I for one cannot wait to see what happens. But what do you think?

Source- IGN

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