ARKHAM ORIGINS: Bonuses Coming with the Game

by Kristina
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Are there extra things to come with your purchase of the game? Click the jump to see more.

There is no doubt that when Batman: Arkham Origins comes out, there will be extra things that come with it. For now, we know that we’ll be getting the Black Mask DLC and the Deathstroke DLC. Of course, these are DLC’s coming with the game when you purchase them. We just recently found out there are extra little things that might come with the game itself. For Norwegian gamers, they’ll be getting a Black Mask mask. You can see this below.


Now that does not mean other gamers from around the world will get the same thing. This is just for those who live in Norway. However, since we know about this extra item coming with the game maybe others will get it as well. Who knows at this point, this has not been confirmed by anyone yet. You can see the rest of the Norwegian advertisement for Batman: Arkham Origins page down below.


Source- Game.No

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