Survey Shows Batman Is Most Popular Among CMBs

by Ryan Shields
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Five years later and still going strong. We all know the impact that The Dark Knight had on not only the future of comic book movies but the industry as a whole, and it shows. Ranker took a survey of 7,000 in light of Comic Con to see which movie was best to the people.  Not only did TDK place first but Batman Begins ranked second and The Dark Knight Rises closes out the top five.

Screen Shot 2013-07-18 at 10.48.15 PM

1978’s Superman flies in at 22nd and Man of Steel caps out the top 25.  The list is pretty interesting, given how scattered the nerd community is now these days when it comes to movies.  Looking at the list, the pattern shown seems to be more based critically rather than how awesome a movie is.  The nerd in me was also please at what placed sixth.  Hit the source like below to check out the full list.

Source: Ranker

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