Brett Booth Taking on Justice League of America

by Christopher Swedorske
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Big news in the contemporary DC Comics world! Nightwing artist Brett Booth has now joined the team to draw “Justice League of America” #4-5, which lead up to Geoff John’s summer crossover series, “Trinity War.” He will be replacing the series’ previous artist, David Finch.

Comic Book Resources has an excellent interview with Booth about the future of the JLA and his past work on Nightwing. Here’s an excerpt:

Both Geoff Johns and David Finch talked when “JLA” series launched about a heavy character focus on the book, and in the pages of #4 that we have, things seem very action-oriented. How’s that balance been for you?

It’s a little weird. Originally, I was just going to do issue #4, and in the first half of the book we get a lot more character stuff — we get to the action stuff by the end of the story. That’s a lot of fun to do, but I actually haven’t drawn a lot of these characters before — some of them, not ever, so it’s given me some practice to do more with them later on. The people talking pages are easier to do, so I try to save some of them for last so the deadline isn’t killing me at the end.

The story focuses in part on a battle with the Shaggy Man, who seems like a draw for you because it’s just like putting a big sasquatch into the series.

I thought we shouldn’t have him exactly like that. If I was doing a sasquatch, I wouldn’t have drawn it this same way. He’s what people think a sasquatch might look like from ’70s television show with Steve Austin. There was a Bigfoot on that, right? [Laughter] It’s kind of reminiscent of that — what people would expect a Bigfoot to look like. I’m not Bigfoot-ologist, but I think that’s about right. He’s basically got a slightly Neanderthalish face with long hair all over the rest of his body. And that’s great, because I don’t have to worry about drawing a costume. [Laughs]

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SOURCE: Comic Book Resources

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