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Company of Heroes composer, Frederik Wiedmann scores the music for Flashpoint Paradox and Beware the Batman. Click the jump to hear his music.

Frederik Wiedmann is known for his music on Company of Heroes  (2013). His music is cinematic withflashpoint heroic triumphs throughout his scoring. This is the best man for the job for Justice League: Flashpoint Paradox. The Justice League animated feature calls for out of this world music to back up the amazing storytelling. It needs to be dynamic. If you have to compare Wiedmann with any other recent works of today’s composers, one should think of James Horner’s Avatar (2009). It is that good. You can get a taste of this style from his composed work on the recently cancelled Green Lantern: The Animated Series. He composed the music on that series. See what Wiedmann says about Flashpoint Paradox score:

“The score for this Justice League story really has everything, from subtle emotion to all-out action, from intricate tension to epic dramatic themes,” described Wiedmann. “It truly was a challenging and rewarding project. This score was recorded in Los Angeles with a wonderful 30-piece orchestra conducted by Hyesu Yang.”

Justice League: Flashpoint Paradox will be out July 30th as Blu-ray/DVD. Very soon, Wiedmann will be doing composed work for the new Batman series called Beware the Batman that will be coming out July 2013 or during the summer 2013. Here’s what Widemann had to say about composing for the new Batman series:



“Creating music to complement the unique look and vibe of this show is an exciting process, with lots of experimentation. I’ve spent weeks digging deep into the world of sound creation and synthesis, exploring new techniques in the world of digital audio, just to give Gotham the right atmosphere and to give the villains in the show their own unique musical character.”

It’s sure to be a dark CGI version of Batman, if Wiedmann can pull it off like Shirley Walker did on Batman: The Animated Series. It’ll be a wonderful addition to the Batman animated series collection.

To get a taste of his music go down below and click play on the soundcloud provided by Frederik Wiedmann.

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Source- Frederik Wiedmann 

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