Get ready to save up your money to get these awesome DC Collectibles that will be coming out for summer 2013. Click the jump to see more.

There are some awesome collectibles that DC Comics will be releasing for the summer. You have DC COMICS – THE NEW 52 TRINITY WAR BOX SET featuring Batman, Wonder, and Superman for $49.95 (US) and will be available in September 2013. See below.


All really cool one that shows off the grit and darkness of Batman. It’s the BATMAN: ARKHAM CITY BATMAN STATUE. The statue costs $124.95 (US) and will be on sale September 2013. See below.


Now for the grand finale, the Joker of The New 52’s. The BATMAN BLACK AND WHITE: THE JOKER STATUE BY GREG CAPULLO. It was just so sick to see Joker will a strapped on face, and Greg Capullo terrified and amazed us with his version of the Joker. So, thank goodness DC Comics decided to captialize on the “Death of a Family” Joker for a statue. You can owe this statue for $79.95 (US) on sale October 2013, in time for Halloween!


There are more collectibles being released such as Nightwing, Batman vs Killer Croc, Poison Ivy, Solomon Grundy, and the Justice League chess set. See these below and if you want to know the price of these collectibles to go the DC Comics source link below.


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Source- DC Comics