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New creative team will be taking over Suicide Squad and of course, someone has to die. Click the jump to see more.

Ales Kot will be taking over Suicide Squad on Issue #20 after Adam Glass’ (current writer of Suicide Squad) run on the comic book title. Timothy ss20Green II (current artist for Red Hood & the Outlaws) will also be joining the new creative team as artist. Unlike Glass who made the title more story driven than character, Kot will approach the title with more character driven stories such as individually allowing the characters to have revelations about themselves and their roles on the squad. Kot is inspired to build up more of Amanda Waller’s character from John Ostrander’s run on the character in the pre-New 52 Suicide Squad, here’s what Kot had to say about Waller:

Amanda Waller is the heart of Suicide Squad. She is a wonderful character with unique potential – she has a high-pressure job that puts her in a very strange place ethically, she is very competent, fiercely intelligent and extraordinarily committed to working for her country. The way John Ostrander built her is something I look up to. She is tough, human and she employs research and strategy where others often use brute power.

Waller is a very complex and lovely character and it would a real treat to see her story more in Suicide Squad. Another thing is that Brian Eno will be joining the squad in Issue #24 and Deadshot will have a revelation that will change his perspective on life in general. Plus, someone on the squad has to die, who that might be we’ll find out.

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