More DC hints of Damian Wayne Dying?

by Brendon Carlson
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There has been a running theory that Damian Wayne may be the “Death” in Death of the Family, however over the weekend, Bleeding Cool added to the talk by making it sound like Damian may not die in Batman #17, however he may die in Batman Inc #8:

Bleeding Cool had already reported on higher than expected advance reorders on Batman Inc #8, Grant Morrison coming closer to the end of his run on the Batman titles.

But I understand that DC Comics sales representative have been calling stores to tell them that they may have underordered.

That they are expecting sizeable media coverage of the comic in question.

And they might consider upping their orders as a result.

I wonder what it could be…? I mean I could have a pretty good guess…

They added in another article about Morrison’s run of Batman Inc ending in #12 and some other facts:

Here are are the solicitations for issue 8, and the subsequent issues. 12 will be Grant Morrison’s final issue, and the end of his long running arc on Batman.

#8 Everything Grant Morrison has been planning since the start of BATMAN, INCORPORATED leads to this stunning issue!

#9 The fallout from last month’s shocking turn of events has Batman on the run! Is The Dark Knight a murderer?

#10 When only one can survive, which will it be: the man or the bat?

#11 Batman’s world has been devastated by his war against Talia, but is he willing to give up on his own humanity?

Note, we don’t seen Damian on any of the subsequent covers, though he was on five of the previous covers in this run. Batman condemned as a murderer. There is already speculation that issue 8 will see the death of Damian, Batman’s son and current Robin, who Morrison introduced to the comics. We have seen a future that Batman is trying to prevent that is blamed on Damien – though is blaming another individual, his genetic successor created by his mother, Talia. But couldwe see Damian’s death at the hands of Batman himself?

There have been concerns that Death Of The Family may lead to a death of a regular Bat character… but is it possible we were looking in the wrong comic?

So what do you think with Batman Inc #8 not out until February 27th, do you think Damian Wayne is dying, and if so, will it be written by Scott Snyder or Grant Morrison?  Let’s us know your thoughts?

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Source: Bleeding Cool News 


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