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The team up with Wonder Woman and Batwoman comes to a small conclusion, Batwoman #16 preview. Click the jump to see more.

PLOT: • This issue guest-stars everybody In this penultimate chapter, everything that’s been happening in BATWOMAN comes to a head! Plus, a new hero is introduced, and Wonder Woman fights monsters!

Congratulations to J. H. Williams III for being nominated for another GLAAD Award. Williams’ artwork still reigns supreme among the Batman books, but as for the story arc “World’s Finest,” it seems that it will be ending on a much “eh” moment. There is still very little to be understood about this story arc except for the fact that Wonder Woman is in it and serves very little purpose.

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Source- Newsarama

Batwoman-16-Cv Batwoman-16-Cv-Var Batwoman-16-1 Batwoman-16-2-3

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