Really?! Why?! Come on! Is this the right move for DC Comics? Click the jump to see why DC Comics is toning down the violence.

If you haven’t been keeping up with current events, about a few days ago there was a shooting in Connecticut where a young man entered a batgirl-015-151classroom full of kindergartners and killed them along with the teacher (who was his mother). Due to the recent events of this shooting as well as the Aurora tragedy, DC Comics has come to the decision to tone down the violence featured in DC Comics books. Now, as of recently the Batman comic books have been heavily into violence where there are blood, guns, and disturbing images of inflicted pain. This is all due to the “Death of a Family” story arc written by Scott Snyder, which has been a top sale for DC ComicsAfter this story arc, there will be some changes to the Batman books that have been featuring some violent tones such as Suicide Squad and Catwoman. Right now, those books stand out due to the violence because without this element; the stories fall flat on its rear end. Catwoman really hasn’t been doing well as of late, and Suicide Squad is just packed with blood shed and violence.

What DC Comics could do is show silhouettes of the violence and if a character gets shot with a gun, then show the gun going off and the character falling down. Nowadays, people enjoy seeing bloodshed and pain on screen; but DC Comics is really taking this to heart since the Aurora tragedy. Will Batman comics become boring due to this?  I just think that Scott Snyder might have to rewrite a couple of his scripts on the Riddler if the Riddler is going be like Jigsaw from Saw. People can’t die in his stories anymore, which sucks!

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Source- Bleeding Cool