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Well, it’s the second to last day of New York Comic Con. There have been some news about Batman-related Universe information. You can see the points below for a quick overview before reading more.

  • Batman: Earth One continues as Volume Two, the Riddler will be the new villain of the story.
  • Justice League will have a cross over with Aqua Man called “Throne of Atlantis.”
  • First issue of Justice League of America you find out about Catwoman’s involvement in the team.

Batman: Earth One

Geoff Johns spoke with Newsarama live about Volume Two of Batman: Earth One where the next villain will be the Riddler (No shocker! Unless you haven’t read it. You should, go read it!). The Riddler is supposed to be vastly more different from the one we know and love. A lot of inspiration for this graphic novel, Batman: Earth One came from the movie called The Game starring Michael Douglas. So, the twist and turns in this novel was actually quite good. So, Geoff Johns (writer of Batman: Earth One, Justice League, and many more) told Newsarama the first scene of Volume Two:

Harvey Bullock in a bar and Gordon trying to pull him out of it. Harvey says “Let me do what I wanna do on my own time.” Gordon throws him out a bar and says “It’s 10 in the morning, you’re on duty.”

So, definitely Harvey Bullock went from superstar cop to what we know Harvey Bullock today who is sulking and pessimistic as hell! Gotham really got to Bullock this time around. The relationship between Bruce & Alfred continues and Harvey & Gordon continue as well. However, what I am more interested in is Barbara Gordon because the last time we saw in this graphic novel. She was sketching her Batgirl suit and grinning about it! OHHHH!!!!!! Volume Two is going to be epic. Unsure when this novel will be coming out, but it will be coming out next year 2013.

Justice League 

If you’ve been on the DKN Facebook, you have seen the sneak peek cover of Justice League #16 (click HERE to see it) where Aqua Man and Justice League will be doing a crossover called “Throne of Atlantis.” So, it has everything to do with Aqua Man. Geoff Johns stated:

Atlantis isn’t just an underwater army that comes up and fights, they’re almost alien, it will redefine Aquaman and Cyborg’s roles on the team.

For you all you Cyborg fans and Aqua Man fans, this is the story for you to sink your teeth in. However, that is the future we’re talking about the now. For instance, why in the world is Cheetah the next featuring villain for Justice League? Johns answered:

 “She’s (Wonder Woman) going to get the focus in the next couple of issues with the Cheetah,” Johns said about Diana’s role in the upcoming.

Everyone on the team is getting their dues, I suppose. New comers onto Justice League will be Shazam. Another coming on board is Booster Gold and Black Adam will soon be the next future villain for the Justice League. 


Justice League of America

The biggest question of this comic book is “Why in the world is Catwoman on this team?” This will be answered in the first few issues of Justice League of America.  The team members will be Katana, Stargirl, Green Lantern (Simon Baz), Green Arrow, Vibe, Martian Manhunter, and Hawkman. Martian Manhunter will have a more detailed background an story in this comic book as well as being called “The Most Dangerous Hero in DC Universe.”

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Source- CBR, Newsarama

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