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Issue #0 of Teen Titans was not as shocking as Scott Lobdell (writer of Teen Titans) had informed at San Diego Comic Con 2012. Truth be told, I didn’t believe it at first nor do I believe this issue of Teen Titans. If you haven’t been keeping up, Tim Drake, who is the third “Robin” is not a “Robin.” This caused a whole lot of controversy among Batman fans. Honestly, it really depends on the person’s perception of how people interpreted Lobdell’s work on Teen Titans #0.

Throughout, Teen Titans #0, the story is told from Batman’s perspective on Tim Drake.  This leaves a lot of room for either Lobdell or another writer to tell Tim Drake’s story on how he began Robin or Red Robin. Tim Drake’s story was told a little bit different, unlike his original story before The New 52’s. I guess Lobdell wanted to make Tim appear more as an individual character. Unlike the other Robins before The New 52’s, Tim wasn’t so popular. Some fans like him, but he’s not one of the top choices when it came down to popularity contests. Hopefully, Tim will be after Issue #0.

I understood from the beginning that Lobdell wanted the audience to know that Batman knew Tim was unlike the other Robins before him. The funny thing, it was repeated so much that I kind of said to myself, “okay I get it, Tim is smarter than the other Robins and maybe even you Batman.” As I said this, I had to retract my statement. No one is better than Batman, not even Tim Drake. It just so happens Jason Todd’s death (second Robin and now current Red Hood) really hit Batman hard and left himself open for some kid to find out about his identity. Sorry, Tim Drake fans, I am not convinced of Tim’s abilities. He is different from the other Robins for his merits and individuality, but homeboy is not that intelligent. However, Tim is a very clever dude that much I will give him.

The art was not done by Brett Booth (artist of Teen Titans), Tyler Kirkham did the artwork. There was a nice flow of art direction with conventional panels. However, people might find the story more interesting than the artwork in this issue. Kirkham did well when it came to showing a bit of suspense when Batman busted through a window to save Tim.

As I dare say this, Tim Drake to me is still a freaking Robin! Yea, he called himself Red Robin. Still, he is still a Robin. I mean if he called himself “Blue jay” I will say “yea, homeboy is not a Robin.” Tim is still Batman’s sidekick so he is a Robin and Tim wears the “R” and not a “RR.” So, he’s Robin to me. He may not have the green, yellow, and red; but Tim is still a Robin who just upgraded in colors. Also, it is out of respect for Jason Todd’s death that Tim Drake didn’t take up the “Robin” costume. Remember, it truly depends on the person’s perception of Issue #0.

Check out some of the panels that I thought were cool.

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